Beware of Awakend – Review Part 5

The case about the Awakend Zenith patent was set to go to trial on March 28, 2023.

After an agreement was filed on January 2, a new trial date of November 2023 has been set.

The main reasons why the defendant First Fruits Business Ministry wants more time are that it has filed for bankruptcy and that it has filed an amended second counterclaim. Both of these things happened in October of last year.

According to the agreement that was filed on January 2;

Given that First Fruits Business Ministry LLC has filed for bankruptcy and that the Second Amended Counterclaim was just filed, the current case management dates and trial date are not possible.

The agreement said that the trial should happen on November 13. A court date of November 14 was set by an order on January 4.

Even though the trial will have a big effect on Awakend, it should be noted that the lawsuit is between Tripharma (now Vietal Nutrition) and FFBM.

Awakend started sending out Zenith with a different formula in November, while the patent dispute was still going on.

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