Beware of Futures Trade – Review Part 3

Even though Futures Trade has only been around for a few months, it is already starting to feel the effects of Ponzi withdrawals.

It’s not a big surprise when you think that the scam promised a 150% return on investment in just 6 days.

The owner “Dylan Carnell” said in a stream update a few hours ago that Futures Trade is

This week, they started limiting withdrawals to $10,000 a day, turned off withdrawal requests on weekends, lowered referral commission rates, added a new 200% ROI in 15 days plan, and changed the maturity of their “150% in 6 days” plan to 10 days.
Futures Trade’s 150% and 200% plans were introduced over the past week to try to stop the inevitable collapse.

The least you can invest is $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

In other news, there have been some interesting conversations about who Dylan Carnell is.

When I saw the obviously bought Facebook account, it made me suspicious. Until recently, Carnell’s Facebook page didn’t have anything important on it.

The account also uses the URL string “DylanFutures,” which doesn’t make sense since it’s supposed to be from 2015.

Carnell is an IT worker from England, so his “failed gamer bro streamer” set up makes sense.

In marketing videos for Futures Trade, Carnell says that he is the only one who trades. It looks like some random crypto bro decided to start scamming with Ponzi schemes.

I haven’t 100% confirmed that Carnell is who he says he is, so I’m not saying it’s true yet.

No matter who Carnell is or isn’t, doubling your money every 15 days won’t last long. And this is on top of the money Futures Trade is making from its other investment plans.

Update No. 2: January 24, 2022 The owner of Futures Trade, Daniel Clayton, ran a five-part exit scam that caused the company to fail.

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