Beware of iPro Network- Review

In March, the trial between the SEC and iPro Network was moved for the fifth time. At the time, the court date was set for November 9.

The trial has been pushed back to 2022 because of a new filing from the SEC.

The SEC asked for a sixth trial delay for the following reasons:

COVID-19 problems that make it hard for witnesses to get ready, pending decisions on filed motions for summary judgment, and minor scheduling problems for both sides’ lawyers.
Taking all of these things into account, the SEC asked for a new trial date of March 23, 2022, on September 14.

The court agreed to the request on September 15 and moved the trial to November.

The SEC filed a motion for partial summary judgment on July 19 regarding the filings for summary judgment.

Later that same day, the defendant Daniel Pacheco (on the right) filed his own motion for summary judgment.

The motions were discussed at a hearing on September 9, and the court took the matter under submission.

Both motions for summary judgment are still being looked at.

Change on January 23, 2022 – The test of the iPro Network has been put off for the seventh time.

Judge Fitzgerald changed the March trial date to August 9, 2022, on January 19.

Some of the reasons given for the seventh delay are pending summary judgment decisions, problems with COVID-19 witnesses, and an attorney’s planned parental leave.

Update 23rd April 2022 – Both the SEC and Pacheco’s requests for a quick decision have been turned down.

The trial is set for August 2022, unless the parties can reach a settlement before then.

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