Beware of Master Key Bank – Review

Antoun Toubia has come up with a new scam called Master Key Bank.

This time, “AI” and banking fraud are involved.

The domain name for Master Key Bank’s website, “,” was registered in October 2021. The last change to the private registration was made on December 23, 2022.

Through the WayBack Machine, we can see that “” was for sale soon after it was first registered.

This means that the domain’s current owner got it in or around December 2022.

So, Master Key Bank’s website doesn’t have information about who owns the bank or who runs it.

When you go to the Master Key Bank website, you have to fill out a login/signup form:

If you look around, you can find marketing videos for Master Key Bank on YouTube.

In these videos, CGI robo-voices play the roles of executives at Master Key Bank.

We can find out who’s really behind Master Key Bank on LinkedIn:

Antoun Toubia is a fraudster who has done it many times before. We’ll talk about his past later. Toubia, who I think is from Lebanon, was in Georgia the last time I heard (the country).

If that’s still the case, it seems likely that Master Key Bank is run out of Georgia.

Master Key Bank’s main selling point is that it’s an e-bank powered by AI that doesn’t exist yet, blockchain, blockchain, blockchain.

Master Key Bank was built on the ideas of openness, security, and accessibility. It uses cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology to give its customers the best service possible.

The chance to put money in?

Right now, the bank is selling “founder positions,” which give people the chance to become owners of the bank.

Master Key Bank is in the process of applying for full banking licenses in countries all over the world.

Securities fraud happens when a company sells shares, whether they are real or not, without registering with the government.

Even worse fraud is selling shares in a company that doesn’t even exist yet.

From the marketing videos for Master Key Bank, I know that each share costs one cent.

Affiliates can buy “combo share positions” for $300 or “founder positions” for $1000.

When affiliate investors are brought in through referrals, a commission of 5% to 15% is paid out. It’s said that the exact percentage you get depends on how many founder position affiliates you’ve recruited yourself.

It’s not clear if Master Key Bank has an MLM compensation plan (the website is locked off).

I also want to point out that even if you believe the marketing BS, it makes sense that no real regulatory body on the planet will give a banking license to a fake company run by fake CGI executives.

From the advertisement for Master Key Bank;

As long as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) rules are followed, the bank says it will never freeze accounts or ask too many questions about transfers.

If fraud is suspected, banks have no choice but to freeze customer accounts and ask questions. They have to do this to protect themselves in case the police look into it and do something.

“We won’t freeze accounts or ask questions” is just more nonsense that shows how fake Master Key Bank is.

On the money side, affiliate investors are told that at some point, their shares will be worth something.

Affiliates of Master Key Bank invest with the promise of getting money back every month:

And there’s also fraud involving staking investments:

All of this needs to be reported to the government, but none of it is.

BehindMLM met Antoun Toubia for the first time in 2019 through United Capital Investments.

Investors in UCI were promised a return of 10,000% in 40 weeks. After Pebex, SprinkleCoin, and UCI Coin, the obvious Ponzi scheme was Toubia’s next move.

United Capital Investments went out of business or started to go out of business in late 2019. In the end, victims were sent to “The Swedish Trust” at the beginning of 2021.

Toubia used the Swedish Trust as another way to steal money from investors who were too trusting. In March 2022, BehindMLM looked at the plan again.

Toubia said that COVID-19 and “family issues” caused The Swedish Trust to fail in a late 2021 marketing video that has since been taken down.

The British Business Bureau came after The Swedish Trust.

Toubia set up the UK shell company in February 2022 with a statement of capital for $2 billion USD. However, UK incorporation fraud is common, so don’t put too much stock in that number.

Same plan: sell worthless shares with the promise of getting rich.

Business Bureau Britain is still registered in the UK, but since its Statement of Capital in February 2022, nothing has been filed.

Now we can talk about Master Key Bank. New year, new trick.

BehindMLM’s investigation into Toubia’s fraud with the UCI MLM opportunity has not gone unnoticed.

Hello Oz,

Sorry for my message. I read that article, and it is completely wrong. I really don’t hate you, and I will delete the article I wrote about you on Medium. I know you are trying to help people find out about scams and other bad things.

But please let me explain why the things they told you about me are not true at all.

I’m a good dad to my two daughters. And I followed all the rules. I’m ready to answer your questions and clear up your confusion. I ask you because I know you still have a big heart and care about people.

And I’m sorry for anything I said or did that was rude or hurtful. I’m not here to find out anything at all from you. I’m just here to ask you as a person to think about taking down the articles you wrote about me, for the sake of my two little girls and the futures of 500+ investors who are willing to write to you and confirm that what Hester and Truth Teller wrote is just crazy talk and false information.

I’m not saying I’m related to Mother Theresa, but I am a good-hearted man, and whoever said bad things about me did so because we failed at a project they were working on. Now they think they’re sherlock holmes and come up with all these stories.

I know you have a heart to listen, so please do.

Thanks for reading my email, and I hope you’ll think about what I’m asking for.

Antoun toubia

Which I answered;


I stand by what I’ve found. Please let me know if you find any mistakes in the article itself, and I’ll fix them.

Most of the article quotes and analyzes what you said, so I don’t see how any mistakes could have been made unless they were on your part.

I also don’t like it when people guess about how I do my research. It’s different for each article.

I can’t say how true the comments people leave are. You will have to deal with them on your own.

I don’t care about you outside of the MLM industry. Even if you were Mother Teresa, I’d only write about your MLM work.

This led to a back-and-forth, during which I insisted that BehindMLM wouldn’t stop writing about Toubia’s exploits.

I didn’t bother to answer Toubia’s last email on August 5;

I’m not running a Ponzi scheme; it’s just your opinion. But I’ve heard that you have a big ego and don’t want to be wrong, so there’s no way to help you. Just keep doing bad things and hurting innocent people, and if you don’t believe in God, you’ll soon see how powerful he is.

Don’t think that it won’t get you in trouble. I now know that everything written about you online is true, that you are not a real person and have no mercy or heart, that you are just evil and want money, and that you are no different from scammers and terrorists.

God, please save your soul.


Antoun Toubia

Outside of outright fraud, the only people who make money from Toubia’s schemes are himself and the people he works with.

Master Key Bank won’t be any different, even though it’s still in its early stages.

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