Beware of Money Power Wealth- Review

On its website, Money Power Wealth doesn’t say who owns it or who runs it.

The domain name for Money Power Wealth’s website, “,” was registered privately on September 29, 2022.

Last week, a BehindMLM reader told me that Money Power Wealth was a new version of the 25X Club.

Sure enough, if you go to the website domain for the 25X Club, it now takes you to Money Power Wealth.

Troy Mason started 25X Club in April of last year. 25X Club was a new start for Our Gas Club, which had only been around since April 2022.

Troy Mason ran Ztegrity before Our Gas Club.

At first, Ztegrity was a scam based on forex. After the CFTC sued him for commodities fraud in the middle of 2021, Mason turned Ztegrity into a gas card pyramid scheme.

In October 2022, Mason paid $943,570 to end the lawsuit between the CFTC and Ztegrity.

On October 27, Mason put up his last 25X Club marketing video on his YouTube channel.

After that, the 25X Club was changed into Money Power Wealth.

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity offered by Money Power Wealth.

Money Can Buy Wealth’s Goods
Money Power Wealth sells metal credit or debit cards with a custom logo for $99.95.

Customers in stores send Money Power Wealth a card they already own. The card seems to be copied, and then the customer gets both cards back.

On top of the $99.95 card fee, you have to pay for shipping and handling.

The Payment Plan for Money Power Wealth
Money Power Wealth’s compensation plan pays affiliates and people who buy metal cards from Money Power Wealth.

Retail Commissions
Affiliates of Money Power Wealth get a $20 commission for every card they sell to a retail customer.

Commissions that don’t end
Money Power Wealth pays residual commissions (unilevel) down to the second person who joins.

  • level 1: $20 per card bought by an affiliate they personally brought in.
  • level 2: $20 for each card sold by an affiliate they personally recruited to either retail customers or other affiliates.
  • You can join Money Power Wealth as an affiliate for free or for $99.95.

The $99.95 option for affiliates comes with a custom metal card.

Money is the key to getting rich.
Money Power Wealth is different from the 25X Club’s pyramid scheme. This could be because regulators are getting tired of taking action.

So, kind of. The 25X Club was a clear pyramid scheme, but Money Power Wealth is only one if affiliates buy most of the cards.

In this way, Money Power Wealth’s retail offering seems like fake compliance. The only difference between the retail offering and the affiliate offering is the chance to make money.

Even so, it’s still not clear if most of the cards Money Power Wealth sells are bought by affiliates or by regular customers. At least across the company.

You can ask your potential upline how many retail cards they’ve sold if you want to become an affiliate. Think about how they’re running their Money Power Wealth business based on how many affiliates they’ve signed up.

You want at least a 50/50 mix, and it would be best if there were more retail cards than affiliate cards.

Consider it a sign that affiliate is running Money Power Wealth as a pyramid scheme if they try to keep this information from you.

In terms of the cards themselves, I think it’s a harmless trick.

If getting a new metal card with your brand on it for $99.95 sounds good to you, I guess you should do it.

It’s important to note that Mason sold similar custom cards through ZBlackCard in 2018.

Money Power Wealth is different from ZBlackCard because you couldn’t send in a card with ZBlackCard. You basically bought into a service that you had to pay for ahead of time. Mason made a commission on this, of course.

ZBlackCard is no longer around. Do what you want with that.

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