Beware of Dr. Tina Wong & doTerra- Review

Dr. Tina Wong was fined $15,000 because she used false information about COVID-19 to market doTerra.

On January 5, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Wong on behalf of the FTC. The lawsuit said that Wong had broken the FTC Act and the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.

The DOJ’s Complaint says that Wong is a pediatrician in California and a Blue Diamond doTerra distributor.

Dr. Wong and her husband, Dr. Mark Wong, run their doTerra business together. They are also part of doTerra’s “Founders Club 2.0” as a group.

In its complaint, the DOJ says that Wong spread false information about COVID-19 during a doTerra webinar on January 12, 2022.

The webinar was called “The Way Forward: Protocols for the Current Climate,” and it featured Wong and several doTerra distributors “who work or have worked as health-care practitioners.”

In a segment called “COVID PREVENTION BASICS,” Dr. Wong talked about doTerra products after saying she was a “board-certified pediatrician.”

Now we’ll talk about our first topic, which is the basics of COVID prevention, which is mostly about food.

That’s the most important thing for your health. And the doTERRA LLV [Lifelong Vitality Pack] is great.

We also recommend the PB Assist and TerraZyme for gut health because the gut is so important. Your gut is home to a lot of your immune system.

And on top of that, On Guard is a good idea, but everyone should find their favorite immune oil and use it. Make use of it often. Use it in all three ways.

I think “three ways” means you can put it on your skin, breathe it in, or eat it (extremely dangerous).

So my favorites are On Guard and oregano. If I have a sore throat, I put a drop of each in a small shot glass of water and gargle and swallow. This takes care of a lot of the pain at the start of a sore throat.

The great thing about this Healthy Habits Kit is that it has On Guard in it. Oregano isn’t, you can add it.

But you also have frankincense, which is great for your immune system and fights inflammation very well.

Oils to help a very painful sore throat? I like to put a drop of On Guard in a shot glass of water and gargle and swallow it three or four times a day. That usually makes my sore throat feel better.

If you’re feeling brave, you can also add a drop of oregano, which also works well.

Many studies have shown that oregano is effective against coronaviruses, which is the family that COVID is in.

Dr. Wong then told his audience that they should use doTerra on their kids.

So, this is the COVID prevention and support for children. Again, it all starts with food.

And I like this slide because it shows the right order to give these supplements, based on how good they taste. And if you know kids, you know that they only care about how things taste, right?

First of all, IOmega can taste a little fishy, but it is so, so good for your immune system and brain. I add orange juice to it.

My kids don’t usually get juice, so when they do, they’re really happy and it tastes good.

So I mix it with a teaspoon of orange juice. Then do that twice every day. The A-Z Chewables are awesome. The recommended dose is two a day.

The best way to take the On Guard Chewable Tablets is three times a day. But if your child has COVID, I would definitely go with six a day.

Then, PB Assist is wonderful. Doesn’t it taste like candy? But it has no sugar in it. And this is a great one to take a lot of if you really want to keep your immune system healthy. I would suggest taking up to four a day.

When my kids are older than one year, I do give them a little bit of essential oils.

And instead of giving kids medicine or over-the-counters for congestion, I love to give them warm baths, even several times a day, or even three times a day. Warm baths help to clear up congestion, and when they get out of the bath, their pores are open, which is the perfect time to put a diluted essential oil like frankincense or lemon on their skin, and the body absorbs it very well.

At one point in the presentation, Dr. Wong told parents to “burn out the virus” by ignoring their child’s fever.

Dr. Wong ended her talk by saying that doTerra essential oils are just like drugs.

So, those are just a few tips. Yes, it’s symptomatic; you’re treating your symptoms, but the drugs do the same thing. So instead, use your oils, and use them often.

Dr. Wong said that essential oils were a “flu buster” in another doTerra webinar on January 27, 2022.

Most antibiotics, which are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria, work outside of the cell.

Okay? They can’t go into the cell. But essential oils can get through the cell membrane and kill viruses or change how they are expressed by working inside the cell. So essential oils are very effective because they can get into cells.

On Guard is a great oil to use right now because it really helps with antivirus. It’s a great way to get rid of the flu.

Just quickly, I want to say that garlic, black pepper oil, and tea tree oil stop the virus from attaching to your cells.

Dr. Wong then said that the lemon and geranium essential oils sold by doTerra were the same as mRNA vaccines.

One thing that lemon and geranium essential oils do inside a cell is stop the virus from copying itself. Isn’t that pretty cool?

You’ve all heard about things like mRNA and the shot and all. Well, the mRNA transcription of the virus is stopped by the essential oils of lemon and geranium.

She then told people who had lost their sense of smell or taste after Covid-19 to use essential oils from doTerra.

With the COVID, a lot of people lose their ability to smell and taste, so here is a plan to help them get it back.

Three times a day, for 20 seconds each, you smell clove essential oil. After that, you smell lemon, rose, and eucalyptus for 20 seconds each.

If you do that three times a day, you should be able to taste and smell again in 6 to 12 weeks.

Also shown was a “protocol” for “using the doTerra products for COVID.”

If you are positive or think you are, just take a lot of supplements, oils, and all the other things we’ve talked about here twice a day.

Water therapy, like showers. You should smell the oils, drink them, put them on your skin, and eat very healthy foods.

In their Complaint, the DOJ wrote about Dr. Wong’s medical claims:

At this time, there is no published report of a well-controlled human clinical study that shows that any of the doTERRA Products listed above treat, prevent, reduce the risk or severity of, or cure COVID-19, or that they counteract inflammation or other supposed negative effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Wong settled the DOJ’s lawsuit rather than clear her name and show proof that her medical claims were true.

This meant that Dr. Wong agreed to

  • a ban on making COVID-19 claims about doTerra’s products;
  • a ban on making any health-related claims about doTerra’s products,
  • again unless “competent and reliable scientific evidence” is provided;
  • keeping any underlying and supporting data of any clinical tests presented;
  • saying that doTerra’s products are “scientifically or clinically proven or otherwise established”;
  • paying a $15,000 civil penalty; submitting compliance reports to the FDA.
  • On January 10, the court said that Dr. Wong’s settlement was fair.

It is not clear if Dr. Wong learned anything from the DOJ’s lawsuit. Dr. Wong put this on his Instagram account on January 25;

Doterra lifeā€¦ It all started with a drop of oil that helped me with my health problems. Then it turned into a way for me to take care of my family and patients in a natural way.

The DOJ and FTC are going after three doTerra COVID-19 fraud defendants. Dr. Wong is one of them.

Eliza Johnson Bacot and Lauren Busch are both doTerra distributors who made false claims about COVID-19 to sell the product.

Both ended the lawsuits that had been filed against them earlier this month.

In 2020, doTerra was one of ten MLM companies that the FTC warned about with a COVID-19.

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