Beware of Evolution Network – Review

On its website, Evolution Network doesn’t say who owns it or who runs it.

The website domain for Evolution Network, “,” was first registered in July 2019. The last change to the private registration was made on July 21, 2022.

Through the Wayback Machine, we can see that because of a mistake, Evolution Network’s domain was turned off until the middle of 2022.

In August 2022, the domain was put on hold, and Evolution Network’s current website went live at some point after that.

This makes it very likely that the owner of Evolution Network bought the domain in July 2022.

Ruben Arcas is named as the company’s founder and president in Evolution Network marketing videos:

Ruben Arcas is a Spanish con artist who has done it many times.

BehindMLM first heard of Arcas in 2016, when they were co-founders of the Ponzi scheme PoolMiners.

At the end of 2016, PoolMiners went out of business and was relaunched as Infinitum Flame. In 2018, Infinitum Flame fell apart.

In 2020, Arcas came back as “Network Development Manager” for the Mind Capital Ponzi scheme.

Around the end of 2020, Mind Capital began to fall apart. Investors had to wait until August 2021, when Mind Capital’s website was finally turned off, to get their money back.

Arcas has been scamming people for years with multiple Ponzi schemes, but Spanish authorities haven’t done anything about it.

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity offered by Evolution Network.

The products of Evolution Network
Evolution Network has no products or services that can be sold.

Affiliates can only sell membership in Evolution Network as an affiliate.

A membership in Evolution Network’s affiliate program gives you access to the following products and services:

  • Digital marketing tools from Evolution Services cost €59.51 EUR up front and €32.23 EUR per month.
  • Evolution Wellness sells a supplement with reishi mushrooms for €35 for a bottle with 90 pills.
  • Evolution Experiences is a travel discount site that costs €98.18 per year.
  • Evolution Academy is an online learning platform. Star costs €94.21 EUR for 1,000 videos and a three-year membership, and VIP Plus costs €292.56 EUR (4000 videos, 5 yr membership)
  • Evolution Crypto is a cryptocurrency payment app with no prices.
  • Evolution Home is a collection of random home appliances with no prices listed.
  • Evolution Style: Clothing with the Evolution Network logo, no prices given
  • Evolution Gourmet has “international products” but doesn’t say how much they cost. Evolution Network’s Payout Plan
  • Affiliates of Evolution Network buy products each month to get commissions for bringing in new members.

Personal Volume (PV) is used to keep track of monthly qualification, and affiliates must buy 25 PV every month in order to qualify.

  • Every month, Evolution Services makes 25 PV and then 10 PV.
  • Evolution Wellness makes 15 PV for every bottle sold.
  • Every year, Evolution Experiences makes 40 PV.
  • For a Star membership, Evolution Academy gives out 40 PV and a VIP Plus membership gives out 125 PV.
  • No information is given about Evolution Crypto.
  • Evolution Home doesn’t give any information
  • No information is given about Evolution Style
  • Evolution Gourmet doesn’t give any information
  • Everything over 25 PV is added to the next month’s qualification PV.

If an affiliate of Evolution Network doesn’t buy 25 PV worth of product in a given month, they can use lost commissions to meet the PV requirements for the next month (note that lost commissions cannot be recovered).

Evolution Network’s MLM side pays affiliates who bring in new affiliates and pay 25 PV a month to be eligible for commissions.

Affiliate Ranks of Evolution Network
In Evolution Network’s pay plan, there are nine levels of affiliates.

Here are their names and the qualifications they need to meet:

  • Cadet: Sign up to be an affiliate for Evolution Network and buy 25 PV worth of product every month.
  • Pilot: Keep 25 PV per month, make and keep 50 GV per month, and recruit and keep two Cadets or higher Star Pilot: Keep 25 PV per month, make and keep 150 GV per month, and recruit and keep one Cadet and one Pilot or higher Lieutenant: Buy and keep 30 PV per month, make and keep 300 GV per month, and recruit and keep one Pilot and one Star Pilot or higher Star Lieutenant: Keep 30 PV per month, make and keep 650 GV per month, and recruit and keep
  • A one-level compensation structure is used by Evolution Network to pay residual commissions.

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they personally recruit is right under them (level 1):

If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on until there are no more levels to go down.

Evolution Network only lets you pay for up to twelve unilevel team levels.

Residual commissions are based on rank and are paid as a percentage of the GV made by the twelve unilevel team levels:

  • Cadets get 25% for level 1 (affiliates they personally recruited) and 8% for level 2.
  • On level 1, pilots earn 25%, on level 2, 8%, and on level 3, 6%.
  • Star Pilots get 25% of their earnings at level 1, 8% at level 2, and 6% at levels 3 and 4.
  • Lieutenants get 25% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 6% on levels 3 and 4, and 5% on level 5.
  • On level 1, Star Lieutenants earn 25%, on level 2, 8%, on levels 3 and 4, 6%, and on levels 6 and 7, 5%.
  • On level 1, captains earn 25%, on level 2, 8%, on levels 3 and 4, 6%, on levels 6 and 7, 5%, and on level 8, 4%.
  • Star Captains earn 25% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 6% on levels 3 and 4, 5% on levels 6 and 7, and 4% on levels 8 and 9.
  • On level 1, commanders earn 25%, on level 2, 8%, on levels 3 and 4, 6%, on levels 6 and 7, 5%, on levels 8 and 9, 4%, and on level 10, 3%.
  • Star Commanders get 25% on level 1, 8% on level 2, 6% on levels 3 and 4, 5% on levels 6 and 7, 4% on levels 8 and 9, and 3% on levels 10 to 12.
  • Bonus for Leadership
  • The Leadership Bonus is a bonus that is paid out in the same amount as the residual commissions that downline affiliates earn.

The Leadership Bonus is paid out in the same way that unilevel team residual commissions are, with a limit of six levels:

  • On level 1, pilots get a 5% match (personally recruited affiliates)
  • On level 1, Star Pilots get a 5% match and on level 2, they get a 4% match.
  • On level 1, lieutenants get a 5% match, and on levels 2 and 3, they get 4%.
  • Lieutenants and Captains of a starship get a 5% match on level 1 and a 4% match on levels 2 through 4.
  • Star Captains and Commanders get a 5% match on level 1 and 4% on levels 2 to 5.
  • On level 1, Star Commanders get a 5% match, and on levels 2 to 6, they get 4%.
  • How to Join Evolution Network: It looks like affiliate membership in Evolution Network is free.

For full participation in the attached MLM opportunity, you need to make at least one purchase a month, which will cost you between €35 and €292.56 based on prices that are known.

The End of the Evolution Network
Evolution Network is different from the typical crypto Ponzi schemes that Ruben Arcas sets up. Even so, it’s still a trick.

Evolution Network sells things and does things. Evolution Network’s business model doesn’t include retail sales, so this is a problem.

Evolution Network’s products and services are required purchases, and affiliates can’t get paid if they don’t buy them.

Evolution Network is a product-based pyramid scheme because affiliates get paid when other affiliates buy products.

As with all MLM pyramid schemes, once recruitment slows down, those at the bottom of the pyramid will stop buying each month.

Those above them will no longer get paid. If they don’t find more people to scam, they will stop buying every month.

Evolution Network falls apart when enough affiliates stop buying every month.

Math shows that most people who join pyramid schemes will lose money.

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