Beware of GIG-OS – Review

The Central Bank of Russia has warned GIG-OS that it is a pyramid scheme.

The Central Bank’s notice from January 2nd warns that GIG-OS has “signs of a pyramid scheme.” The old name for GIG-OS was Global InterGold.

EmGoldex has been running for a long time, and GIG-OS is its third start-over.

Back in 2014, Behind looked at EmGoldex. The business plan is a simple Ponzi scheme where €540 is put in and €3500 is taken out.

To keep the Ponzi going, it needs to find new investors, which is where the pyramid scheme part comes in.

In 2015, EmGoldex failed, which caused the first Global InterGold reboot.

At the start of 2020, Global InterGold went bankrupt. After a few months, GIG-OS came out.

“Global InterGold Gold – Online Shop” is what GIG-OS is short for.

At the time this was written, the website for Global InterGold was still up. When victims log into their account, though, they are sent to GIG-OS.

Traffic to the GIG-OS website has been going down for most of the year 2021. (Alexa).

People think that Russian con artists run all three versions of EmGoldex.

The official Facebook page for GIG-OS is run from Latvia, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

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