Beware of QNet – Review Part 6

Liberia has caught QNet members who were using human trafficking to find new people to exploit.

The Liberian Observer says that a young man from neighboring Sierra Leone fell for a QNet scam in Liberia.

Alusine Konteh was tricked out of $900 because she was told she would get a job with QNet in Malaysia.

Instead, he was kept against his will until his traffickers were caught by the police.

The arrests were part of a larger QNet investigation in Liberia, which began after other people who had been hurt by the group complained.

Abu Kamara, another QNet scammer, was caught a few months ago after an investigation showed he had stolen money from people.

15 kids and young adults from nearby Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Malaysia, and Ivory Coast were sold into slavery.

Before he was caught and charged, Kamara stole $13,650 from people.

Victims of QNet scams in Ghana have been kidnapped and sold for years. Even though many people have been arrested for this, it still happens a lot.

Ghana’s government protects QNet, so it doesn’t do anything as long as money keeps coming in.

In Liberia, QNet doesn’t have this kind of protection, which led the company to look into how victims are brought into the business.

QNET is against money extortion and doesn’t like it when people gather illegally or cross borders in large groups to do business with them.

Anyone can do business with QNET without leaving their home country as long as they have a computer or mobile phone.

Vijay Eswaran (right) runs the pyramid scheme QNet out of Malaysia.

The Malaysian government hasn’t done anything about QNet or Eswaran, probably because there isn’t much or any recruiting going on in Malaysia.

Liberian people asked the government in April to make QNet an illegal business. So far, the government hasn’t done anything.

In the meantime, the Liberian police have said they will “book anyone caught doing anything suspicious” with QNet.

Alexa says that India (14%), Pakistan (5%), and Sri Lanka (5%) send the most people to QNet’s website.

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