Beware of Youngevity v. Pitcocks- Review

Dave and Barb Pitcock, along with Andre Vaughn, are the last people being sued in the Youngevity vs. Wakaya Perfection case.

On November 1, Youngevity was supposed to play against the Pitcocks and Vaughn.

The new date for that trial is now December 2021.

And Andre Vaughn is bankrupt, again.

After a joint motion was filed on September 1, the Youngevity v. Pitcocks trial was moved to a new date.

According to the motion, Youngevity’s lawyer has a scheduling conflict in another case that was not expected. When the November trial date was set, the court took this into account.

Youngevity and the Pitcocks (on the right) also seem sure that a deal can still be reached.

On October 7, a judge has set up a mediation session;

With the help of Judge Berg, Youngevity has been able to settle its disagreements with Wakaya Perfection LLC, Todd Smith, and William Andreoli, among others.

Since the Pitcocks have moved on with Innov8tive Nutrition, I think it’s likely that a settlement will be reached.

The lawyer for Youngevity asked for a trial date in December 2021. When the motion was filed, Judge Moskowitz changed the trial date from November to December 6.

Youngevity’s motion says this about Andre Vaughn:

The lawyer for the plaintiff thinks that Andre Vaughn will file for bankruptcy soon, and if that happens, all claims against and by him will be put on hold.

Vaughn was charged with bankruptcy fraud in 2018. Vaughn admitted guilt and was given ten months in prison as a result.

The same charges were also brought against Vaughn’s wife, Monica (pictured on the right with Andre).

Monica Vaughn pleaded guilty and was given three years of probation in July 2019.

Vaughn did something wrong that led to his bankruptcy while he was a Youngevity distributor.

He was part of the split between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection, which led Youngevity to sue in 2016.

Wakaya Perfection has since started over twice, first as Bulavita and now as Mfinity Global.

Mfinity Global named Vaughn a “top producer” in August:

When Vaughn isn’t filing for bankruptcy, he posts pictures of himself with expensive cars on social media:

Stay tuned to see what happens next with Youngevity vs. the Pitcocks or Vaughn’s latest bankruptcy.

13 October 2021 Update – It looks like the Pitcock will be tried on December 6.

On October 7, 2021, there was a Zoom settlement conference with the plaintiffs and the defendants from Pitcock. The claims were not settled between the two sides.

That’s what a case docket entry from October 7 says.

Update, November 8, 2021: The Youngevity v. Pitcocks trial has been pushed back to February 28, 2022, after a pre-trial conference on November 1.

Update, November 23, 2021: On November 5th, Andre Vaughn filed for bankruptcy.

On November 11, the case against him was stopped.

By May 18, 2022, Vaughn’s bankruptcy case must have a Status Report filed.

20th February 2022 Update – Youngevity v. the Pitcocks has been moved to May 16, 2022, after a series of in limine motion orders.

Update: On April 14, 2022, the Youngevity lawsuit and the Pitcocks’ countersuit were settled.

19 May 2022 Update – The settlement with Youngevity is the result of Andre Vaughn’s most recent bankruptcy.

We’re just waiting for the court to end the case now that there are no more defendants or claims.

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